Pet Beautician

Eleni joined our team in June of 2018. She is currently running our Spa department and is responsible for most of the pet shaves and trims that we perform. She came with several years of experience working under licensed groomers and with their guidance and direction, has fine-tuned an incredible skill. While she is not a licensed groomer, she is quite the perfectionist with every pet she encounters, and does a phenomenal job! We are so happy to have her as a part of our team so she can share her talent with each and every pet she gets to “clean up”. When she isn’t up to her elbows in pet hair and shampoo – she is spending her time with her older son and youngest daughter as well as her three critters: Jojo the Pomeranian, Gus the Pekingese, and Chloe her Siamese cat.

  • Full service baths include nail trims, anal gland expression, ear cleaning and a blow dry. Pets here for a Spa Day also receive multiple walks and are offered fresh water at all times.
  • We do full shaves and partial shaves or we can do just a little trim.
  • We offer sanitary trims
  •  Special Hair Cuts*
  • Medicated shampoo
  • Nail grinding
  • De-matting services/ Remove mats
  • De-skunk Treatment

*Special cuts will have to have a consult with Eleni on day of drop off to be approved

  • If a Cat becomes stressed out shaves/baths must be done under sedation or anesthesia for the safety of the pet and the staff.



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